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FAQ – Air Data Computers

Why is the wind information not displayed or incorrect?

Make sure all the components that make up the wind calculation are correct. This includes: OAT, TAS, Ground speed, Heading, and Track.

Why doesn’t my ADC communicate with my GPS?

Verify that the input and output on both the ADC and the GPS are set Correctly. Refer to the Shadin Avionics ADC-200 or ADC-2000 Installation Manual Loop Back procedure and the GPS Operating Manual for details. For your Shadin Avionics Digidata, refer to the Configuration section of the Operating Guide.

Why is the fuel flow read-out inaccurate?

Verify that the K-factor setting programmed into the unit matches the K-Factor imprinted on the side of the transducer. Refer to the Digidata Operating Manual, Configuration Section 6 for detailed procedures.

How do I verify the K-factor currently programmed in my unit?

The Digidata displays the K-factor by moving the toggle switch to TEST/ENTER position and holding it there for ten (10) seconds. For the ADC-200 and ADC-2000, refer to the Installation Manual Configuration Section 9.

How do I set the K-factor?

Refer to Section 10 of the install manual for the table indicating the proper settings for the four (4) switches on the back of the ADC-200 and ADC-2000. For Digidata, refer to the Operating Manual and Section 10 of the Installation Manual for Drawing No. 4028-716. With the special ‘loop back’ harness, it’s a simple 4-step procedure.

How do I configure my ADC?

There are two (2) methods. Refer to the “loop-back” procedure in Section 9 of the Installation Manual. The second method is the “adsetup” program which can be accomplished through your PC.

What is the difference between the ADC-200 and ADC-2000?

The ADC-2000 offers additional features of ARINC 429 output and automatic baro correction with approved altimeters. Refer to the Sales Brochure for dimensions.

What is the minimum level software version that communicates with the Garmin GPS?

The minimum software version required without a Shadin Avionics fuel flow meter is 93.XX.61. If a Shadin Avionics fuel flow meter is part of the installation, the minimum software level version is 93.XX.77.

What is the difference between the ADC-200 and the Digidata?

The ADC-200 is remote-mounted, and displays airdata, fuel flow and winds aloft information on a Loran/GPS. The Digidata is a panel-mounted indicator that displays on the Loran/GPS as well, so you can always see fuel flow data without changing pages on your GPS.

Why does the winds display shows dashes after I’ve been in a turn or accelerated or decelerated?

If the aircraft has been in a turn, or has accelerated or decelerated, the winds information dashes out after holding the last valid wind information for three (3) seconds. The winds information will again be displayed continuously when the aircraft has maintained a steady course and airspeed for at least forty (40) seconds. If heading and magnetic track differ by more than 40 degrees, no wind information will be displayed.

How is the head-or tailwind calculated?

This component is derived from the difference between ground speed and air speed.

How is True Air Speed (TAS) calculated?

Indicated Air Speed (IAS) and Outside Air Temperature (OAT).

My aircraft is 28 VDC and the transducer is 12 VDC. Is this OK?

Yes. The Shadin Avionics Airdata Computer steps down the voltage and provides it to the transducer.