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Programs & Product Development

Shadin is far more than a product company! Our application expertise and engineering and development services are second to none. Utilizing a structured “Waterfall” design process based on RTCA DO-178 and DO-254 standards, we can take a concept through to manufacturing or start anywhere in between. Come to us with an idea, defined requirements, or a full specification and we will produce a solution with the necessary certification, qualification, and documentation support.

We develop products with Design Assurance Levels of A through D, as well as some that do not require a formal DAL. Products with no safety requirement are still developed using Shadin’s AS9100D compliant process which follows the same waterfall requirement-design-verification process.

Prime and Subcontractor

Shadin has successfully executed hundreds of development programs with Tier 1 defense contractors, aircraft manufacturers, and installers including functioning as a prime contractor on US and Foreign military contracts. With a vast portfolio of experience, our Program Managers are leaders that can assist you in all aspects of your program to facilitate, simplify and expedite not only activities at Shadin, but also through the product installation and approval by the end user.

Key Areas of Support

Requirement Definition
Certification Requirements
Specification Development
Lowest Cost Approach
Design Reviews

First Article Inspection
Certification Audits
Program Management
Test Verification

Registration and Approvals

Small Business
ITARS Compliant
Cage Code: 0Z5P5
D&B: 076519024

Commercialization & Contract Manufacturing

Shadin is uniquely positioned to enable companies with emerging technology to quickly commercialize products and turn ideas into money!

Our world class engineering organization is here to assist in developing the software, electronics, and packaging necessary for a flight worthy aviation implementation of your technology. Our team can assist in certifications as well. Shadin’s manufacturing team, with a highly efficient procurement and planning process, is available to produce whatever volumes necessary to meet your needs. The sky is the limit.

Companies Shadin has helped bring their technology to market:

Advent Aircraft Systems, Inc.
Anti-skid Brake

Aircraft weight and Balance system

CMD Flight Solutions
AFID converter and custom harness and brackets

P2 Inc
Landing gear advisory warning system

Gear advisory system for float plane

Trend Box 200 – Airframe trend and exceedance monitor

Part 145 Repair Station

Shadin Avionics operates and maintains a certified FAA and EASA Part 145 Repair Station. This enables us to evaluate and repair our own products as well as avionics products from other manufacturers.

“The term Repair Station refers to a maintenance facility that has a certificate issued by the FAA under Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) Part 145 and is engaged in the maintenance, inspection, and alteration of aircraft and aircraft products. FAA rules are specific on who can perform maintenance and approve an aircraft, airframe, engines, etc., for return to service after maintenance has been performed.” (FAA Website) -

Part of being a certified repair station, the staff must undergo random drug and alcohol testing procedures. This ensures the reliability and safety of the products that come out of the Shadin repair station.

Shadin’s certified Part 145 Repair Station has been in operation since 2003.