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Business Aircraft

Business Aircraft are classified as aircraft that are neither military, nor commercial aircraft and are used for business purposes. Although most business aircraft are small, 6-8 seat planes, they range in type and can include piston engine, jet, turboprop, helicopter, and unmanned aircraft systems (UASs). Some examples of Shadin’s past experiences with business aircraft can be found below.

Cessna Citation XLS

Citation Series

The Cessna Citation is a staple product in Cessna’s business jet line being in production for over 40 years. With so many different models to accommodate passenger loads and fuel range, it has become one of the top producers of business jets over the years. Shadin has been part of solutions related to these aircraft, from OEM air data computers to fuel flow devices to aid in fuel planning as well as ADS-B transponder upgrades. Without the use of Shadin products these aircraft would require extensive upgrades costing thousands of dollars. In some cases, Shadin’s product enable features that were not previously useable or reliable such as fuel range rings. The ADC 2000 has been used to interface with transponders for decades. Shadin has built several converters for these aircraft to enable installation of various manufacturers’ equipment ultimately giving these customers options when doing avionics upgrades. Back in 2005 when Reduced Vertical Separation Minimums (RVSM) was mandated for aircraft flying above FL 290, Shadin developed two new ADC 6000 computers to give Citation owners another option to meet these demands and are still supported to this day.

King Air

Shadin Avionics was notified that the Hoskins CFS 2212 fuel flow indicator, which is installed on the Beechcraft King Air, and associated system hardware will no longer be supported due to obsolescence. This system was installed on several different turbine models, some from the factory. In the event of a failure or request to upgrade from the CFS 2212, the Digiflo fuel flow system may be installed under STC SA873GL and the appropriate engine STC SE615GL. The Digiflo fuel flow system provides LH and RH engine fuel flow as well as a totalizing function. This system will also enable fuel flow data to be displayed on the Garmin, Avidyne, Bendix King Series Navigators. The navigator when interfaced with the Shadin Digiflo will provide fuel flow, fuel to destination, fuel reserve, endurance, and real time efficiency.