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CH-47 Chinook
CH-47 Chinook
CH-47 Chinook

AIS Adapters/Converters

Legacy Converters

Here are only some of our hundreds of legacy converters. If you don’t see what you need here please Contact Support and tell us what you need.

ARINC 429 HSGray Code


Altitude Encoder, ARINC 429 High Speed to Grey Code

ARINC 429 LSGray Code8800-02

Altitude Encoder, ARINC 429 Low Speed to Grey Code

ARINC 429 LSARINC 429 HS933800-12ARINC 429 Low Speed to ARINC 429 High Speed
3 Synchro/ARINC 407ARINC 429 HS933800-24Synchro to ARINC 429
ARINC 429ARINC 561933800-21ARINC 429 to Collins HPU-74 EHSI
ARINC 582ARINC 429933800-26ARINC 582 LS to ARINC 429 HS
ARINC 4298 Synchro & 2 wire & DC Vertical Accel934510-XXARINC 429 / IRS Adapter
ARINC 429 HS/LSSerial RS-232933612-02ARINC 429 High Speed / Low Speed to Serial
ARINC 429 HS/LSSerial RS-233933620-00ARINC 429 High Speed / Low Speed to Serial
ARINC 429 LS/SerialDC Analog932810-01ARINC 429 Low Speed / Serial to DC
DC AnalogFrequency630502Referenced DC Fuel Flow Converter
Magnesyn/2nd Harmonic

ARINC 429, DC Analog, Frequency

930500-04FF Converter* 115VAC Magnesyn 4 ENG
Magnesyn/2nd HarmonicFrequency930503-04Magnesyn to FREQ FF
Serial RS-232ARINC 561934000-14ASerial to ARINC 561 / 568 / 2 Synchro / Heading Reference
Serial RS-232 or RS-422Serial RS-232 or RS-422930510RS-232 to RS-422/RS-422 to RS-232
SineDC Analog930508-1Sine to DC Converter
Sin/Cos DCARINC 429 LS933752-00

Sine / Cosine, DC to ARINC-429, Label 162 ADF Bearing

SynchroFrequency930502-04Synchro to Freq FF
Synchro/ARINC 407Serial RS-232937600 or 937600-01Synchro to Serial
Synchro/ARINC 407ARINC 429 LS933753-00

Synchro to ARINC-429, Label 320

Synchro/ARINC 407ARINC 429 LS933753-01

Synchro to ARINC-429, Label 162 ADF Bearing

MIL-STD-1553ARINC 429 HS934600-XX1553 INU to ARINC 429 HS