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Agricultural Aircraft

Agricultural aircraft are mainly used for aerial application and sometimes referred to as crop dusters. These aircraft play a critical role in fertilization/top dressing. Agricultural aircraft must be reliable and very durable to stand up to the harsh environments flying close to crops and other structures such as telephone poles. One of the ways that Shadin Avionics helps Ag Aircraft in their missions is to provide fuel flow monitoring devices. Shadin often provides fuel flow transducer to monitor the fuel consumption of the engine and report that data back to a fuel flow indicator in the cockpit or another monitoring device. Over the years Shadin has worked with some of the top manufacturers in this space and continues to support those products today. One of the more common platforms we support is the aircraft made by Air Tractor. The Models 402, 502, 802 all utilize Shadin Avionics’ trusted fuel flow monitoring devices. The designs are reliable and rarely require repair. Thrush Aircraft is also using fuel flow devices on some of their aircraft through the 510G, 510P, and 710P models.

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