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CH-47 Chinook
CH-47 Chinook
CH-47 Chinook

AIS Adapters/Converters

AIS-100 Memory

The AIS-100 recording platform utilizes onboard memory for the purpose of review after flight. The current method of offloading this data is done via a USB. It is as simple as installing the USB Flash Drive, and waiting a moment while it copies the data from the onboard memory.

The USB recording device has a tricolor LED which generates three basic colors: Red, Green and Orange which shows the USB Recorder status.

Shadin Avionics ETM Recorder


Dimensions: 3.18″L * 3.18″W * 1.80″H
Weight: 0.35 pounds
Power: +18VDC to 33VDC
Operating Temp: -40°C to +70°C
Software Certification: DO-178C
Hardware Certification: RTCA/DO-160G
Regulatory Certification: TSO-C43a, C44a, C47, C49a
Reliability: MTBF 48,527 Hours


Digital to Analog
Analog to Digital
NMEA Converter
CSDB Converter
ASCB Converter
ABCD-Nav Converter
Discrete IO
Cellular Link
Flight data recorder
RS485 adapter”