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Firefighting Aircraft

CL-415 AUP

The Canadian government is working with Collins Aerospace and several other suppliers to upgrade the CL-415 aircraft Key components of the upgrade and the pro-line fusion cockpit suite include Flight Director, Flight Management System (FMS) coupled with SBAS-GPS and LPV capability, Terrain Awareness Warning System (TAWS), ADS-B Out, Synthetic Vision, crew alerting system display indicators, and a multi-functional keyboard panel with dual cursor controls providing an alternative to touch screen commands. Other options to enhance the system include a SATCOM system, multiband radio, Weather Radar, datalink, and Auto-Pilot. The CL-415 AUP utilizes one of Shadin’s synchro to ARINC converter platforms, enabling key upgrade features.

Tanker dropping fire retardant


Aerodec inquired about a solution for the requirement to provide an additional aural airspeed warning, for use in the Boeing 727 aircraft that were being modified to a dispersant role for tackling oil spills worldwide. The aircraft were, at the time, fitted with a dual IS&S Air-data system. Because the aircraft were fitted with a dispersant spray boom at the aft end, they would be subject to a speed limit of around 270kts. In the absence of any easily configurable differential pressure switch, Aerodac asked if an AIS unit could be used to convert the CAS output from No. 2 Synchro to a switched DC ground at the prescribed airspeed or tie into an output. Shadin proposed solving the issue with the AIS-360 ARINC 429 Airspeed to Discrete Adapter. The unit was designed to receive ARINC 429 label for airspeed and output a 28 VDC discrete at 270 knots.

Air Tractor

In 2012, Air Tractor announced that Shadin Microflo-L fuel flow systems would be standard on all aircraft deliveries, a significant statement that validates the Microflo-L system value to reduce fuel usage, enhance flight safety and maximize aircraft utilization.

Fuel flow on other firefighting aircraft

The Shadin Fuel Flow system can maximize time in the field fighting or scouting fires through careful monitoring of fuel usage. Aircraft that use the Shadin Fuel Flow system include the Fire Boss, OV-10, Cessna O-2 Skymaster, Bell 412, etc.