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CH-47 Chinook
CH-47 Chinook
CH-47 Chinook

Volta Converters


The V80 is a fully customizable data converter for ARINC 429 to Analog applications. The rugged design utilizes a sealed enclosure, Mil-Standard circular connecter, and is DO-160 qualified. It weighs less than one pound and consumes under 10 watts of power, making this converter ideal for any situation. The current design employs an ARINC 429 receiver which employs a digital to analog conversion that can be used for applications such as radio altimeter, terrain awareness, geo survey, etc. Connections will be made via a 38999 – 22 pin connector.

With the exponential growth of digital electronic control on aircraft, we have seen tremendous demand for a reliable and customizable digital to analog converter and the Volta-80 is the exact product to meet that need. With a simple design, the V80 exceeds the minimum performance standards related to all types of avionics systems.

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