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Shadin Avionics Introduces Two New Avionics Modernization COTS Products:

Shadin Avionics announces the release of two new products in their ever-expanding AIS-360 product family; the AIS-360 Inertial Adapter is a simple magnetic variation solution for aging inertial systems while the AIS-360 LoHi Converter addresses the common problem of mating old and new technology with IO transmission speed matching. As COTS products, both are available now and will be presented in detail at the AEA Convention in Dallas this June 2021.

AIS-360 Inertial Adapter:
The Inertial Adapter, also called a Magnetic Variance Adapter or MagVar Adapter, applies a correction to the magnetic heading label in ARINC 429 data stream. The adapter can be configured to combine true heading with magnetic variation data referenced from an updatable table residing in the adapter or alternatively, combine data from another source such as an FMS that has an updated magnetic variation table. “IRU (Inertial Reference Unit) replacement is costly and complex. The AIS-360 Inertial Adapter provides a long-term cost-effective alternative and we are seeing an increasing demand for this product,” says Brian McMillan, Shadin Avionics’ Chief Technology Officer.  

AIS-360 LoHi Converter:
The LoHi Speed Converter is an ARINC 429 data buffer that receives a Low-Speed stream and transmits it at a High-Speed rate while maintaining data integrity and the same update rate. This function is particularly beneficial for modernization efforts because it enables the preservation of fully capable existing low speed LRU’s. The AIS-360 has two inputs and two outputs.

These COTS products are configurable, certified up to DO-178 DAL A and qualified to DO-160.  More extensive customization or additional functions can be easily implemented on the AIS-360 based on customer requirements.  For more information and to order, please contact our sales team at 952-927-6500 or