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New Avionics Modernization COTS Products at the 2021 AEA Convention

Dallas, TX (June 21, 2021)—This week at the 2021 AEA Convention in Dallas, Shadin Avionics is introducing a wide variety of new, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products that minimize equipment costs and system complexity while maximizing aircraft and avionics performance.

For years, Shadin has been known as the standard in aviation fuel flow meters and transducers. More recently, Shadin has redefined itself as a global leader in aviation electronics (avionics) integration and data management solutions with its Avionics Interface Systems (“AIS”) products. These products simplify aircraft modernization and will support future generations of conventional and electric aircraft.

“New aircraft systems are being installed for valuable customer and operational reasons and new flight critical systems are being installed on older aircraft,” comments Dan Nelson, President and CEO of Shadin Avionics. “Many times, older systems are not compatible with new avionics, meaning if an aircraft owner wants to upgrade without purchasing an entire new system, a converter or adapter is needed to make a proper connection.”

After numerous successful programs on diverse airframes and aircraft systems, Shadin has added many products to the AIS family. Now that these products have been produced, tested, and certified, they can easily be configured and sold in smaller quantities as COTS products.  For example, on one project, Shadin repurposed the hardware from a Remoteflo to a Rad Alt input. That product became the Shadin AIS-380 Rad-Alt converter, which is now available for purchase at any point, pre-qualified and straight from the shelf. Other examples include the AIS-360 Buffer, AIS-360 LoHi Speed Convertor, AIS-361 CSDB Convertor, AIS-380 Combiner, AIS-450 Digital to Analog, AIS-455 Synchro-Resolver, and the AIS-460 Inertial Adapter. For a full list of products, visit Shadin’s website.

With the new product launch comes a brand-new website (set to go live this fall) which will help customers identify solutions that are specific to the aircraft or application that they are working on. From there, the Shadin sales and service teams can assist in the configuration (if applicable), purchase, and installation of the AIS unit. Shadin takes pride in offering top-tier customer service and strives to create long-lasting partnerships with customers that will drive future programs and endeavors. To discover how Shadin can help you with your avionics projects, visit them online at or call Shadin’s sales team at 952-927-6500.