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Shadin Avionics introduces the AIS-360 LoHi Speed Converter

Shadin Avionics introduces the AIS-360 LoHi Speed Converter; the second installment in their new product release series leading up to the AEA Convention in Dallas. The LoHi Speed Converter unit receives all labels on the ARINC 429 Low-Speed input and outputs it on an ARINC 429 High-Speed databus. All label data is unchanged, and the update rate remains identical in the conversion.

Most new avionics receive data at high-speed meaning that interfacing legacy products with these new products a speed converter may be needed to transmit the data at a faster rate. The Shadin converter receives the low-speed data from the legacy product (via one or two inputs), speeds it up, and transmits the same data at a high-speed to the new product (via one or two outputs). This allows you to update your current avionics rather than replacing existing LRUs, saving you time and money.

The converter is configurable up to DO-178 DAL A and is DO-160 qualified. This is an off-the-shelf product that is available to purchase today. For more information and to order, please contact our sales team at 952-927-6500 or