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Shadin Avionics Introduces the AIS-450 Digital/Synchro Data Converter Platform

Shadin Avionics announced today that the first two products of the new AIS-450 Digital/Synchro Data Converter Platform will be available for sale in first quarter of 2011. These products will function individually as a single channel ARINC 429 to synchro heading and a three channel ARINC 429 to synchro heading, pitch, and roll and both products will hold TSO authorization.

The AIS-450 hardware is configured with digital and discrete I/O in addition to 3 channel ARINC 407 3-wire synchro output for making the digital to synchro conversion. The platform provides the basis for customer defined configurations. The AIS-450 can be commonly used for, but is not limited to, the following applications:

  • ARINC 429 label 314 or 320 to synchro heading output
  • ARINC 429 labels 314 or 320, 324, and 325 to synchro heading, pitch and roll output
  • ARINC 429 to ADF, DME synchro
  • ARINC 429 or serial to selected course waypoint bearing
  • Serial to synchro

“With a synchro output accuracy of better than +/- 0.1 degrees and the cost effective AIS platform design, we expect that the new AIS-450 converter will have the best price to performance ratio of any digital/synchro data converter solution on the market today.” stated Derrick Hongerholt, Director of Business development at Shadin Avionics. Shadin’s AIS (Avionics Interface System) Configurable Converter Platforms are offered in response to strong demand from aircraft and avionics manufacturers and sustainment programs for application specific data conversion and concentration solutions that can be delivered with minimal cost and lead time. Learn more about the Shadin Avionics AIS-450 and the AIS Configurable Converter Platform at

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