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Shadin Avionics Announces EASA STC approval for Bell 206/407 Fuel Management

Shadin Avionics, a global leader in aircraft fuel management solutions, announces that EASA has approved an STC for the installation of a Shadin Fuel Management Kit into Bell 206 and 407 model helicopters and an STC for fuel flow transducer installation on Rolls-Royce Corporation 250 series aircraft engines.

The Bell 206/407 STCs are the latest addition to Shadin’s well established portfolio of Fuel Management System STCs that includes installations for other Bell, Eurocopter, and McDonnell Douglas Helicopters. The new STCs enable the installation of the Shadin fuel flow transducer and Digiflo-L or Miniflo-L indicators. The engine STC allows for installation of the fuel flow transducer that supports Shadin’s Engine Trend Monitor (ETM), Fuel Flow Indicators, Air Data Computers, and glass displays from other manufacturers as well.

“Shadin continues to invest in our Fuel Management Systems.”, stated Trevor Lund, Shadin Avionics Product Manager. “We look forward to working with Bell helicopter owners to improve flight performance and safety with our Fuel Management Systems.” Shadin has partnered with Aero Dynamix to upgrade any of their displays to be NVG compatible.

The EASA STC numbers are 10034421 for the Rolls Royce Corporation engine and 10034457 for the Bell 206/407 Helicopter. The STCs were acquired with the help of Motorflug in Baden Baden Germany. Motorflug is an integration facility for further installation and retrofit of Shadin fuel transducers on Bell 206/407 for the European market.

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