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Shadin Avionics Delivers First AIS-360 ADS-B Out Flight ID Adapter

Shadin Avionics announced the delivery of the first production ADS-B Out Flight ID Adapter (AFID) for integration of the Collins TDR-94/94D transponder. The delivery is one of many anticipated over the next 3 years resolving the missing flight ID issue for this application. The AFID, based on Shadin’s AIS-360 certifiable configurable converter platform, is part of CMD Flight Solutions’ STC for the modification.

“The AFID is just one of several AIS based adapters that Shadin will release over the coming months to resolve the technical and commercial implementation challenges of the ADS-B mandate.” commented Trevor Lund, Director of Business development at Shadin Avionics.
“The AIS-360 can cost effectively address the wide variety of implementation challenges of ADS-B, including the concentration of missing data, annunciation of status, as well as interface unique communication protocols and formats.”

The AFID joins Shadin’s AIS-460 1553 adaptor as ADS-B solutions in production for mandate driven programs. The AIS-360 ADS-B enhancements are part of the growing family of certified and flight worthy data converter capabilities that include the AIS-360 Digital platform, AIS-460 MIL-STD-1553 platform, AIS-450 Digital/Synchro platform, AIS-380 Analog/Digital platform, AIS-800 Engine platform and the AIS-100 USB QAR platform.