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Shadin Avionics AIS-380 Enables PC-12 Anti-Skid Brake System

Shadin Avionics is once again able to demonstrate the wide application of their AIS-380 configurable converter platform with Advent Aircraft Systems’ recent successful flight test of a Pilatus PC-12NG utilizing their eABS™ anti-skid braking system. The AIS-380, operating as a Digital Electronic Control Unit (DECU) for the eABS™ system, was critical to the success of the flight test which ultimately exceeded the operator’s expectations. The STC for the PC-12 is expected to be issued in April and the aircraft will join the Eclipse EA500/550, King Air B300, and Textron Aviation Defense T-6B/C as aircraft certified with the eABS™. For more information on the flight test,

The AIS-380 is part of the growing family of certified and flight worthy data converter capabilities that include the AIS-360 Digital platform, AIS-460 MIL-STD-1553 platform, AIS-450 Digital/Synchro platform, AIS-380 Analog/Digital platform, AIS-800 Engine platform and the AIS-100 USB QAR platform.