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Shadin Avionics AIS-380 Enables PC-12 Anti-Skid Brake System

Monday, April 24, 2017 – Shadin Avionics

Shadin Avionics is once again able to demonstrate the wide application of their AIS-380 configurable converter platform with Advent Aircraft Systems’ recent successful flight test of a Pilatus PC-12NG utilizing their eABS™ anti-skid braking system. The AIS-380, operating as a Digital Electronic Control Unit (DECU) for the eABS™ system, was critical to the success of the flight test which ultimately exceeded the operator’s expectations. The STC for the PC-12 is expected to be issued in April and the aircraft will join the Eclipse EA500/550, King Air B300, and Textron Aviation Defense T-6B/C as aircraft certified with the eABS™. For more information on the flight test,

The AIS-380 is part of the growing family of certified and flight worthy data converter capabilities that include the AIS-360 Digital platform, AIS-460 MIL-STD-1553 platform, AIS-450 Digital/Synchro platform, AIS-380 Analog/Digital platform, AIS-800 Engine platform and the AIS-100 USB QAR platform.

About Shadin Avionics

Shadin is an acknowledged industry leader in providing world class data collection and data conversion products for all types of aircraft. Shadin Avionics specializes in the design, manufacture, support and distribution of Avionics Interface Systems (AIS), Fuel Flow Systems, Engine Trend Monitoring (ETM), Altitude Management Systems, Air Data Computers (ADC) and other instrumentation for turbine, piston and rotor aircraft for the military, general and corporate aviation markets. For more information, please visit