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Fuel Flow Management

  • Real Time Fuel Flow, Totalization and Endurance
  • Fuel Efficiency and Safety with Shadin’s Proven Accuracy and Reliability
  • Easy to Use Dedicated Displays for Real Time Data
  • Hundreds of STC’s in Various Aircraft

Save money with a Shadin Avionics fuel flow indicator installed in your panel. Lean your engine, maximize your efficiency and realize the savings of reduced fuel cost. Shadin fuel flow indicators have saved aircraft owners and operators millions of dollars over the last 35 years. The Digiflo-L, Miniflo-L and Microflo-L have been installed in numerous single aircraft and fleets to help owners and operators reduce fuel cost. Return on investment can be measured in months. Numerous STCs allow easy install approval on single and twin engine piston, turbo prop, jet engine aircraft and helicopters.

Shadin Avionics’ fuel flow indicators display real time fuel flow to within +/-1% accuracy for maximum fuel efficiency. indicators provide up to the second fuel used, fuel remaining, endurance, efficiency, fuel to destination and fuel reserve. The LED seven segment display provides a large, clear and simple indication of your fuel flow and endurance. Fuel remaining and fuel used are just one toggle switch away. Shadin fuel flow indicators simplifiy pilot workload, contributing to a safer more relaxing flight.