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8800-T Encoder

Altitude encoders translate the altitude of the aircraft in 100-foot increments to a specific code that is transmitted by the transponder to the Air Traffic Controller, shown next to the aircraft symbol and transponder code. The Shadin Avionics Falcon Encoder provides automatic altitude data to GPS and Loran receivers, along with Mode C encoder and high resolution serializer functions in one compact unit. The Shadin Avionics encoder meets TSO requirements, helps the GPS to maintain accurate 3-D position calculation, and substitutes fourth satellite altitude reference.

The Shadin Avionics encoder feeds gray code altitude information to the transponder. It simultaneously feeds RS-232 altitude data to the GPS and the Shadin Avionics Altitude Management System (AMS-2000) for Instantaneous Vertical Speed calculation, The AMS-2000 has an innovative fixed time-based (not fixed altitude) warning as the target altitude is approached. This means the alert is given earlier at higher rates of vertical speed for a smoother level off, allowing 20 seconds to level off, regardless of the rate of climb or descent. The addition of the Shadin Avionics Encoder enables an enhanced, high resolution 10 foot resolution to be displayed on your AMS-2000 Altitude.


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