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Shadin Enhances Temperature Performance on Industry Standard Fuel Flow Transducer

Shadin Avionics announced today that the FAA approved a minor TSO change for their industry standard fuel flow transducer enabling a design modification that increases the temperature range and performance of the product.

The new transducer configuration is rated for a 100 degrees C environment, increased from 70 degrees C, enabling continued functionality and accuracy when installed close to exhaust manifolds, combustors and other hot engine surfaces. The new design is also now suitable for particularly hot operational environments such as rotorcraft and turbine engines in hot climates

Trevor Lund, Shadin Avionics Product Manager commented “In combination with the release of our new AIS Fuel Flow “Behind the Glass” fuel management solution, this new transducer exemplifies Shadin’s continued commitment to introduce meaningful fuel flow management enhancements to our customers.”

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