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EDEN PRAIRIE, MN (FEBRAUARY 22, 2024)— Shadin Avionics, a leader in aviation technology, is thrilled to introduce the newest iteration of the DARALT Series of Radar Altimeter Converters, enabling new radar altimeters to be installed in all kinds of fixed wing and rotor aircraft. Shadin’s DARALTs are future-proof designs that adapt to evolving aviation technology such as 5G resistant Radar Altimeters on aircraft with non-digital interfaces.

Key Features of the DARALT Series:

1. Digital to Analog Advancement:

The DARALT Series boasts newly designed Digital to Analog (D/A) technology, providing unparalleled accuracy, not only retaining original analog signal accuracy but providing better resolution that comes along with newly designed radio altimeters. This technology provides the necessary interface to communicate with legacy analog indicators and equipment that may still be present after the radar altimeter upgrade.

2. Compliant with ARINC 552A:

Our DARALT Series is fully compliant with the ARINC 552A standard, as well as multiple others if required, ensuring seamless integration with a wide range of avionics systems. This compatibility streamlines installation and minimizes downtime, allowing for a smooth transition to any new or retrofit radar altimeter project.

3. DO-178C DAL B Certified:

Safety is paramount in aviation, and our DARALT Series reflects that commitment. These converters are certified to DO-178C Design Assurance Level B (DAL B), guaranteeing one of the highest design assurance levels possible, all while gaining TSO certification through the FAA.

4. Legacy Indicators and Altitude Trips for Added Safety:

The DARALT Series features altitude trips that provide instant alerts in critical situations. Designed for customization in mind, this solution has the ability to adjust these altitude trip points as well as match hysteresis that was previously provided by the legacy radar altimeter that is being replaced. This feature enhances situational awareness and assists flight crews in making timely decisions to ensure the safety of passengers and crew members while preventing costly upgrades to pilots operating manuals and the training that goes along with having new indicators in the cockpit.

Quote from Mike Ingram (President and CEO):

“With the launch of the DARALT Series, Shadin Avionics once again demonstrates its commitment to innovation and safety in aviation technology. Furthermore, our forward-thinking approach enables legacy aircraft to upgrade with 5g compatible radar altimeters that equips our customers for the future of aviation. Shadin is also working with LB Aircraft Engineering based in Miami, FL to obtain an STC on 737 Classic and MD-80 series aircraft to install the first ever DARALT Series converters.” Shadin takes pride in offering top-tier customer service and strives to create long-lasting partnerships with customers that will drive future programs and endeavors. To discover how Shadin can help you with your avionics projects, visit us online at, call Shadin’s sales team at 952-927-6500, or visit us at our upcoming Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA) trade show in Dallas, TX booth #632.