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CH-47 Chinook
CH-47 Chinook

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Robinson R66 Fuel Flow System

Shadin Avionics has developed a system to enable fuel flow data to be displayed on the GNS and GTN Series Navigators. The Robinson R66 system consists of a RemoteFlo and a Fuel Flow Transducer. The Garmin navigator when interfaced with the Shadin RemoteFlo will provide fuel flow, fuel to destination, fuel reserve, endurance and real time efficiency.  

Garmin recently added display of fuel range rings that show aircraft range until operating on reserve fuel (based on pilot configurable reserve time) and total endurance. Fuel range rings require a fuel data input into the GTN which is enabled by the RemoteFlo.


  • Increase safety through awareness
  • Real time fuel efficiency
  • Increase value of helicopter
  • Decrease operation cost
  • Peace of mind – Knowing your Fuel at Destination, Fuel Reserve, and Fuel Remaining


Don’t hesitate to install the system that enhances your safety and gives you peace of mind. Contact your local avionics shop or click the link below to find a dealer TODAY!