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Shadin today announced the all-new Volta Series data converter platform

Thursday, April 2, 2020 – Shadin Avionics

Shadin Avionics announces its new Volta Series data converter platform as a software free complement to the highly successful Avionics Interface System (AIS) Configurable Converter Platform (CCP). First in the new series is the Volta-60 Discrete to ARINC 429 converter (V60).

The V60 is a fully customizable data converter for Discrete to ARINC 429 applications. Shadin will use this product to address the growing customer demand for such a plug-and-play flight worthy avionics package to digitally interpret discrete electronics throughout an aircraft. The rugged design utilizes a sealed enclosure, Mil-Standard circular connecter, and is DO-160 qualified. It weighs less than one pound and consumes under 10 watts of power, making this converter ideal for any situation. The current design employs 16 discrete inputs which sense ground/open or supply/open levels and then transmits the status over a user specified ARINC 429 label.

“With the exponential growth of digital electronic control on aircraft, we have seen tremendous demand for a reliable and customizable discrete to ARINC converter and the Volta-60 is the exact product to meet that need,” said Trevor Lund, Shadin’s Director of Product Management. “The V60 allows aircraft owners to avoid costly upgrades to primary avionic systems to meet the growing number of discrete I/O on the aircraft.”

Initial applications for the V60 include Engine discrete to ARINC and discrete I/O consolidation and concentration.

The Volta Series is part of Shadin’s growing family of FAA certified flight worthy data converters, designed to quickly respond to an ever-present demand for unique flight worthy data conversion applications on aircraft. The AIS family includes the AIS-100 Memory, AIS-350 Manchester, AIS-360 Digital, AIS-370 Ethernet, AIS-380 Analog, AIS-450 Synchro, AIS-460 Military 1553, AIS-800 Engine. The Volta Series includes the Volta-60 and soon to be released Volta-80 Radio Altimeter Converter. Contact Shadin Avionics directly for more information at 952-927-6500. Visit for more information on the complete line of avionics data converter solutions.

About Shadin Avionics

Shadin is an acknowledged industry leader in providing world class data collection and data conversion products for all types of aircraft. Shadin Avionics specializes in the design, manufacture, support and distribution of Avionics Interface Systems (AIS), Fuel Flow Systems, Engine Trend Monitoring (ETM), Altitude Management Systems, Air Data Computers (ADC) and other instrumentation for turbine, piston and rotor aircraft for the military, general and corporate aviation markets. For more information, please visit