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FAQ – AMS-2000

What does “EN N-RDY” on the display mean?

The AMS-2000 requires certain jumper settings for different inputs from your encoder. If they are not correctly configured, this error message appears. For set up procedures, refer to the Installation Manual drawing 4089-024. This message also appears when the aircraft is above or below operating altitude range.

What does “EN ERROR” message mean?

Possible causes include: the unit may be receiving an invalid input from your encoder, or the wiring may not be correct. Consult with your avionics shop and have them call Shadin Avionics Technical Support Dept. to troubleshoot the problem.

The back of the unit has an opening marked “S2” and “S3” in which three (3) sets of holes are visible. Which is “S3”?

The AMS-2000 must be configured for input signal (gray code or serial). From left to right, S2 is the first set of holes and S3 is the second (middle) set of holes. Refer to the installation manual for more details.

Why is my altitude reading inaccurate on the AMS-2000 but not on the transponder?

The encoder input is incorrect. Unless your encoder is a Shadin Avionics Falcon Encoder, P/N 8800-X, it may not have high altitude capabilities (D4). You may need to check the jumper setting to disable this option. Refer to the installation manual for more details.

Are the gray code lines of the AMS-2000 internally isolated?

No. Diodes may need to be installed in the harness.

My AMS-2000 reads in 100 foot increments. Is it possible for it to read in 10 foot increments?

Yes, with serial input from a Shadin Avionics Altitude Encoder, P/N 8800-X.