ADC-6000The ADC-6000 is a DO-178B Level A certified Air Data Computer. It was designed to interface with the SPZ-500 Flight Director/Autopilot and replace the AZ-241 and AZ-242 ADC in the Cessna Citation 500 series aircraft for RVSM operation.  Models without the Citation SSEC curves are also available.


  • Static Pressure: -1,000 ft to 50,000 ft
  • Pitot Pressure: 40 to 385 Kts
  • Barometric Correction: 28.00 to 31.00 In HG
  • OAT: -60°C to +60°C


  • ARINC 429
    • Pressure Altitude
    • Baro Corrected Altitude
    • Barometric Pressure
    • Indicated Air Speed
    • True Air Speed
    • Mach
    • Outside Air Temperature
    • True Air Temperature
  • Serial RS-232
    • Mode C Altitude
  • ICAO Gray Code